Sony to Release PlayStation VR2 Headset in Early 2023

playstation vr2

After teasing the PlayStation VR2 headset for a while in the last couple of months, Sony has finally revealed its next-generation virtual reality system will be released in “early 2023.”

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Sony first revealed the technical specifications of the PlayStation VR2 in January before it finally showcased the design back in February. The next-generation headset will feature up to 4K resolution displays that can run at 90/120hz and have a 110-degree field of view. Sony kept the same concept from the PS VR in terms of design for the PS VR2, but the company said it listened to feedback about the ergonomics to improve the design. The PS VR2 will have Cinematic mode as well as live streaming capabilities.

While there is still no word on its pricing yet, Sony previously revealed the PlayStation VR2 would have at least 20 major titles at launch, which includes Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village.

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