Sony’s Days Gone is Getting a Movie Adaptation

Sony is continuing with its plan to bring popular PlayStation games to the cinema, and the next game getting a movie adaption is Bend Studios’ Days Gone. According to Deadline, Outlander’s Sam Heughan is being considered for the role of Deacon St. John, who is the main protagonist in the video game. Oscar-nominated screenwriter Sheldon Turner will be adapting the movie.

Released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2019 before it was made available on Steam for PC in 2021, Days Gone has sold 9 million units despite having a mixed critical reception. According to Bloomberg, Sony did not buy the pitch to make a sequel for Days Gone, and game director John Gavin later attributed this to a lack of support for the game at launch.

Days Gone takes the player through the journey of former motorcycle club member Deacon St. John in a post-apocalyptic Oregon, as he fights through a zombie overran world in his quest to find his long-lost, presumed-dead wife, Sarah Whitaker. The movie adaptation will be a “love ballad to motorcycle movies — the bike being Deacon’s sole form of transportation, his horse in this would-be modern-day western,” Deadline reports. Production will be handled by Jennifer Klein and Turner through their company, Vendetta Productions, while Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan are producing for Sony PlayStation Productions.

Uncharted, Sony’s latest game adaption to hit the cinema, was a successful one making more than $400M globally at the box office.

Image: Sony/Bend Studios

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