Samsung Welcomes Two New Disney Characters to AR Emojis

disney characters to ar emojis

When the Galaxy S9 and S9+ were launched earlier this year, one of the major talking points was the introduction of AR Emojis of the Galaxy Series for the first time. There have been mixed reviews about but Samsung seems to be building on it, back in May introduced the classic “the Incredible” Disney characters to AR Emojis. They were five members of Pixar’s Super family, the Incredibles and their friend, Frozone.

disney characters to ar emojis
the incredibles

Samsung announced today it has added two more classic Disney characters to AR Emojis. Galaxy S9 and S9+ users will now see Daisy Duck and Goofy characters to make chatting and communicating with friends more personal and fun. To get the new characters on your device, tap the plus icon on the right-hand corner to access the Galaxy Apps Store under the camera’s AR Emoji mode.

Samsung promises to bring more Disney characters to life on its AR emojis in the coming months. AR Emojis can be customized and shared on any platform providing a unique way to send messages to friends.


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