RAM vs Processor: Which Is More Important?


Before buying a computer system people always ask for the RAM size and processor make as this is very important. A computer system needs both to operate normally; prioritizing one over the other depends on what you will be using your computer system for but both are still needed. Collectively the quality of both determines how your system runs.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

The size of your RAM determines what size of memory it will be able to hold when performing a particular task, all the data being used by a computer program is stored here. A sizeable RAM loads and circulates memory faster before it gets to the hard disk. When you are running a program that consumes so much memory how your computer handles it depends on the size of your RAM. All memory stored up will be erased the moment you shut down a computer system.



The processor is the brain of the computer, it performs the tasks a user commands the computer system to do. The processor is so powerful it can perform one billion cycles of instructions in one second. Intel and AMD are producing different types of processors to meet with the demands of modern day computers. As important as a processor is, a computer cannot boot alone with it without having a RAM installed. The higher the capacity of a processor the faster it processes tasks.



A processor might be more expensive but the computer needs both to be fully operational, none is more important than the other. RAM sizes are upgradeable but a processor is not. When buying a computer system make sure you are buying one with very good processor as you cannot make modifications after buying, equally buying the one with a large memory size is equally as important but it can always be upgradable if your system cannot meet with the requirements of modern day applications.

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