Effective Ways to Easily Speed Up a Slow Computer

Is Your Computer Running Or Starting Up Slowly

You might need to speed up a slow computer, otherwise you become eventually frustrated using the computer. To me, having a slow computer system ranks among one of the most annoying things in the world.  A slow computer could dampen your mood, you won’t even have motivation to work with the computer. A computer that slows down will surely be hanging at the same time and you might not be able to run programs simultaneously; what’s the use of a computer system that cannot run programs as you want?…

Here are ways to Speed Up a Slow Computer

Disable Start-up Programs

Most times we enable some programs to run at start-up with windows without knowing, these programs could be heavy and the normally take up large memory space when your computer is starting. Go to your Task Manager from the Control Panel or open it by pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. This brings out the Task Manager window, Navigate to the start-up tab and select from the list the program you would like to disable from running at start-up. Click disable button and it’s done. Do for other unwanted programs

Effective Ways to Speed Up a Slow a Computer


Speed up slow computer


Uninstall Unimportant Programs

When we install softwares or applications at times some come with unwanted 3rd party apps attached with it. We could also unintentionally install applications we do not want when browsing on the internet. All these could slow down our computer speed when we are using it. Go to your Control Panel and simply uninstall unnecessary applications you might have installed.

speed up a slow computer
Uninstall programs

Install a Good Antivirus

Viruses are part of the major things that makes a computer system slow, one way or the other you might have allowed a virus to creep into your system. Some viruses are so deadly they could eat up all your files and destroy system, you need to be very careful and take precautions when connecting external devices with your computer. Installing a good antivirus is a good step in keeping your computer running clean and smoothly. If you cannot afford premium antiviruses there are free versions which does the good job of keeping your computer clean from malware. Download Avast free antivirus here.

Increase Your RAM Size

RAM sizes play in major role in determining the speed of your computer when running some programs, some programs would not even run on your computer if your RAM size is too low. If this happens visit your hardware store to increase/expand your RAM size.

Defragment Your Hard Disk

Your Hard Disk space becomes full eventually and you might need to delete some stuffs or defragment your HDD. This could also lead to a slow computer. See our detailed guide on how to defragment a hard disk properly here.

These are all tested and trusted ways to speed up a slow computer. Do not forget to share this article.

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