Pixel 4 Coming with Face Unlock and Motion Gestures, Says Google

Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense

After the design of the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone was intentionally leaked by Google last month, the company has now revealed two new features that will be coming with the smartphone – motion gestures and face ID unlock.

Motion Sense Coming to Pixel 4

Pixel 4 will be the first device ever with Soli, a motion-sensing radar which Google says its Advanced Technology and Projects Team has been working on for the past five years. This technology has been used for years to detect planes and large objects buy Google has now developed a miniature version for the Pixel 4.

The Pixel 4 Motion Sense which is powered by Soli is at the top of the device. It brings gestures which allow users to skip songs, snooze alarms and silence phone calls just by waving the hand. As the user continues to experience Pixel 4, Google says the motion sense will evolve and become more advanced. Motion sense will however only be available in select Pixel countries.

Pixel 4 Face Unlock

You may be wondering what the fuss it is with face unlock since virtually all smartphones have it these days, but Google says it is redefining how it works. Normally for face unlock to work, you have to hold your smartphone at an angle to your face and then swipe for the homescreen; Pixel 4 does this but has been re-engineered with Soli.

Immediately you stretch your hand to pick up the Pixel 4 to use the Face ID, Soli immediately senses the motion gesture and turns on the Face unlock sensor even before your hand reaches the device. If the Face unlock sensors and algorithms detects a perfect match, your Pixel 4 unlocks immediately as you pick it up. Impressive! The Face unlock can also be used for secure payments and app authentications.

Google further reiterates Soli sensor that never leaves your phone and that your face unlock data is never shared with anyone, it’s stored in Pixel’s Titan M security chip.

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