Google Reveals Official Pixel 4 Design, Amidst Many Leaks

Google pixel 4 design

Well, we might just leak our own product ahead of its release after all the rumours. That’s exactly what Google did when its @madebygoogle Twitter account posted the Pixel 4 design showing its camera and back.

The upcoming Pixel 4 smartphones are not expected to be launched until October so it’s very surprising as to why it leaked its own design 4 months ahead of its availability. If you thought this means an early release date than expected then you are in the wrong, according to androidpolice, hope of that has been dashed as Verizon marketing calendar leak revealed the Google Pixel 4 will indeed be launching October.

Verizon marketing calendar 2019
creadit: evleaks

According to the design posted by Google for the Pixel 4, it is totally abandoning the design on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 but the all-glass back is still retained. There is also an all-uniform texture back unlike the two-tone design colour found at the back of older Pixel smartphones.

The much talked about camera square is seen at the top left corner mirroring all the leaks for the upcoming iPhone 11. On Pixel 4, the camera square houses dual rear cameras and what looks like a tiny cutout for its laser autofocus above. Its LED flash is placed below the dual rear cameras.

Apart from this, the power and volume button can also be seen by the sides but the fingerprint sensor is missing at the back; this could only mean one thing – an in-display fingerprint sensor.

That’s all for now in what has been a surprising move by Google.

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