Google Pixel 2 Complete Specifications, Price and Availability

google pixel 2 price in nigeria

This article will provide you with the complete specifications, price as well as release date of Google Pixel 2. This device represents the second smartphone that was designed under the label, “made by Google.” Looking at it this phone on paper, you will realize it is better than Pixel 2 XL, the first device, in virtually all ways. The phone, which was released in October this year, is smaller than its predecessor.

google pixel 2 price in nigeria

The smartphone, according to Google, is simpler and smarter than the first smartphone as it has advanced search as well as Assistant capabilities. Also, it has new features, and improved and more powerful camera. You can get details about everything you need to know about this smartphone below.

Google Pixel 2 Specifications


  • The phone has an always-on display feature showing different kinds of information such as notifications for date, time, text message, email and on-screen reminders without the need to wake up or touch the device.
  • It’s 5-inch and full high-definition (HD) AMOLED display that operates at 441 pixels for every inch.
  • While playing music, Google Pixel 2 can determine the song as well as show the tune that plays on the always-on display too. The surprising thing here is that this feature does not require a connection to the internet because it makes use of a music database that is in-built in the phone.

Phone Design

  • Pixel 2 has the fastest fingerprint scanner in any smartphone.
  • The smartphone’s most fanciful design is that you can remove the headphone jack. This implies it is either you make use of connected enhancement via USB-C port or Bluetooth headsets or an adapter if you need a conventional pair. .
  • It has dual speakers with a front-facing feature.
  • It’s a metal body that has a glass chunk at the upper part of its rear — the flash and camera can be found here.

 google pixel 2 specs price usa and uk

Pixel 2 Power

  • This device is designed with a RAM of 4 gigabyte as well as the biggest Snapdragon 825 chip-set available — specifications that give it a lot of power.
  • The phone is available with either 64 gigabyte or 128 gigabyte, though the price difference is wide.

Camera Specifications

  • This phone camera comes with the highest score in any smartphone camera and that is 98 DxO score.
  • It comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, in addition to HDR smarts.
  • It has a front camera with 8 megapixels.
  • There is only a single lens, which you can find at the phone rear side.
  • In video recording mode, this smartphone makes use of both EIS and OIS, producing a clearer and smoother footage.

Smartphone Battery

  • This phone battery, according to Google, can last for one whole day.
  • Also, it charges fast and can last for up to 7 hours from a 15-minute charging period.
  • The real capacity of the battery is 2700mAh.
  • Wireless charging support is not available.

Operating System

Google Pixel 2 runs on the most recent version of Google’s OS, Android 8.0 Oreo.

This OS will allow you experience the power of a real Android smartphone.

You will find Google Assistant quite beneficial by enjoying a wide array of voice-enabled features as well as functions.

Price and Release Date of Google Pixel 2

The cost of this latest Google’s flagship smartphone will start from £629 or $649 for the 64 gigabyte option, while the 128 gigabyte version will cost £729 or $749. The device will be released on the 19th of October, 2017 and its initial shipment will start that day. It was first launched on the 4th of October and the event saw an instant number of pre-orders from UK, US, Canada and Australia.

Though you can unlock the smartphone through Google in the United States, pre-orders have also been made through Verizon. For only a limited period, if you buy the new Google Pixel 2 and are in the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia; you can be gifted with a free Google Home mini.


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