Report: No Difference in ‘Practical Terms’ Between Sony’s PS5 Models

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All controversy surrounding Sony’s new PlayStation 5 “CFI-1100” model has been laid to rest thanks to a teardown and analysis video conducted by Digital Foundry and Gamers Nexus. In August, YouTuber Austin Evans posted a teardown video of the new PS5 model discovering a smaller heatsink. Evans carried out a test showing the new PS5 model has a rear exhaust temperature which is higher than the console’s launch variant, this led to him claiming the new PS5 model is “worse.”

In an article by Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter based on the teardown and analysis of the new PS5 CF-1100 model, it was discovered “in all practical terms, there is no meaningful difference between PS5s old and new.” Not only that, there is a lot concerning the new hardware’s cooling system more than what Evans reported.

It’s already been reported that the new PS5 model has a new screw for the stand which does not require a screwdriver. In findings conducted by Gamers Nexus, the “stand gives a degree of additional cooling” and also removing the side panel also has its own advantages. Not only has Sony changed the thermal assembly in the revised PS5, the motherboard and baseplate have also been adjusted. According to Digital Foundrythere’s an improvement to temperatures on the voltage regulators, memory temperatures are better in some respects and worse than others (but still only a few degrees difference overall) and while the main processor may well a few degrees hotter, there is no evidence that this presents anything worth worrying about, assuming you are keeping your PS5 in a well-ventilated area.”

In terms of performance, Digital Foundry’s analysis also revealed performance was pretty much the same between the console models when running the latest PS5 firmware from Sony. Both the old and new PS5 maintained the same boost clock and will consume the needed power to do this. Even when the PS5 consoles hit a specific maximum temperature, performance will not be affected, instead, both will shut down automatically to prevent any possible damage.

To conclude, “the core question of whether the new PS5 is better or worse than the launch model can be answered by saying that they’re mostly much the same, certainly in terms of the end-user experience,” Digital Foundry notes.

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