Sony Quietly Releases a Revised PlayStation 5 Model

playstation 5

Sony has quietly released a slightly lighter PlayStation 5 model; the new model now weighs 300g lesser than the original model released last November. As per Eurogamer, fresh stock of the revised model was spotted by the Australian website Press-Start in the country.

The new model is now spotting the screw used to tie down the base stand for the console. This screw has been applied to other parts and the base stand can now be adjusted without using a screwdriver.

Playstation 5 screw
PS5 screws | Image: Press-Start

Since the new model weighs less by 300g, there would have been changes to the other parts as well. As of now, we haven’t been able to see a teardown of the new model to know what’s inside. The original model has the serial number CFI-1000 while the revised version is tagged with the number CFI-1102A.

As production parts become readily available, manufacturers have been known to reproduce revised versions of their products with these parts. As the new stock circulates to retailers across the world, more information is expected to be known about it soon.

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