Sony’s New Revised PS5 Model Has a Smaller Heatsink

playstation 5

A week ago, a new PS5 model with a new stand screw was found in Australia weighing 300g than the original model. The new model has been found in Japan and thanks to a teardown video by YouTuber Austin Evans, we know it weighs less because of a change in the heatsink system.

Apart from the change in the heatsink which makes the new PS5 Digital Edition model 300g (0.66lbs) lighter, Sony has also tweaked the connections to the Wi-Fi chip, but it is not clear at the moment if this will make any difference in speed when the Wi-Fi is connected. So far, only the revised model of the Digital Edition has been seen and it is not known yet if Sony will replicate the same changes in the PS5 disc-drive version.

During the teardown video, Evans discovered the revised model has a rear exhaust temperature that is hotter than the original model by 3 to 5 degrees. This means the new model is definitely hotter than the original model and it may affect performance especially when the PS5 SSD is upgraded and with certain demanding games. Evans notes this is a cost-cutting measure from Sony, as a result of what the company has been learnt and observed since the original PS5 was launched, Sony now knows the parts it can afford to use cheaper materials without necessarily or significantly causing a reduction in performance.

Last year before the launch of the PS5, it was reported Sony was struggling with a competitive price for the console due to huge components part. In its recent first-quarter earnings, the company revealed it was no longer selling the $499 disc-drive PS5 console at a loss. The change in heatsink could mean the PS5 Digital Edition would become profitable soon if that’s the case, and it is also not clear if Sony has made the same change to the disc-based PS5.

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