Clubhouse Rolls Out Spatial Audio Support for its Audio Chatrooms

clubhouse new logo

Spatial audio is coming to Clubhouse, the company announced on Sunday the feature will first come to iOS users and will be available for its Android app soon. Spatial audio makes listening immersive by creating a 3D surround effect, it makes sense for Clubhouse to add support for it since it’s an audio chat app.

Spatial audio has begun rolling out already to iOS users and it will be the default experience for all new users (it can be turned off in the settings, of course!). Clubhouse says the feature will make the listening experience “a bit more lifelike and human.” We already know Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods Max support spatial audio and Clubhouse says it works best with headphones whether wired or Bluetooth-connected.

Netflix recently rolled out support for spatial audio, a feature that is also supported by Disney+ and HBO Max. As the competition increases, Clubhouse stopped being invite-only and adding support for spatial audio seems like a step in the right direction.

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