Netflix Rolls Out a Feature that Lets You Manage Access and Devices to your Account


Ahead of the holiday period, Netflix is rolling out a new feature it refers to as Managing Access and Devices that allows account owners see recent devices streaming from their account. In a blog post, Netflix says that while it is easy for people to log in to their account in a hotel or at a friend’s place, people still forget to log out occasionally.

The Manage Access and Devices feature is available worldwide on the web, iOS and Android and can be accessed from Account Settings. With the feature, account owners can forcefully kick unwanted users or guests out of their accounts without prior notice.

netflix manage access and devices

In October, Netflix released a feature that lets people transfer their profiles to new accounts, and it could be handy if an angry ex or friend intends to use the Manage Access and Devices feature. Netflix is working on a global password-sharing crackdown which will take effect in “early 2023.”

Netflix recently rolled out a new $6.99 monthly ad tier which could be a good option for new subscribers not willing to spend much.

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