Netflix Will Let you Transfer Your Profile to a New Account


Netflix is rolling out a new Profile Transfer feature that lets people who share accounts they do not own transfer their profile to a new account. The feature started rolling out on Monday and will be available in all countries globally. In March, in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, Netflix first began testing the feature.

Netflix says profile transfers will keep the user’s personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and other settings. The streaming giant says the feature is “much requested” and designed to help people move on when a relationship ends or families grow apart. Account sharing is common among Netflix users, and the account owner can add up to 5 profiles. Netflix hopes the feature will encourage profile owners with no account to create one. The feature could also be one of Netflix’s ways to crack down on password sharing as it tries to increase its subscriber base.

When the profile transfer feature is available, account owners will be notified by email. To transfer a profile, log in to the account and hover over your profile icon in the dropdown menu on the homepage to bring out the “Transfer Profile” option. Tap on it, follow the instructions, and you will be prompted to enter an email and password. Profile Transfer option can be turned off in account settings at any time.

Profile transfers will be useful when an angry ex or friend is thinking about kicking you off their account, but you will have to hope they didn’t change their password or they actually prompt you to transfer your profile to a new account. Netflix’s new $7 monthly ad tier could be a good option for users looking to transfer their profile.

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