Elon Musk Says Twitter Won’t Return Paid Verification Until there is “High Confidence of Stopping Impersonation”

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After promising that paid verification would be restored to Twitter last week on November 29th, Elon Musk has now said the company would be holding off the Blue subscription service that comes with verification “until there is a high confidence of stopping impersonation.”

In a recording obtained by The Verge during Musk’s meeting with Twitter employees on Monday, Musk said: “We might launch it next week. We might not. But we’re not going to launch until there’s high confidence in protecting against those significant impersonations.” In a tweet on Tuesday, Musk also suggested Twitter “would probably use different colour check for organizations than individuals.”

Twitter has its work cut out if it is to stop impersonation after several accounts were participating in widespread impersonation when the revamped Blue was rolled out widely two weeks ago. Musk didn’t state how Twitter will achieve this, but he has been vocal about changes he’s looking to implement on Twitter since taking over. He the meeting remarks obtained The Verge, Musk said: “any given social media platform, in my view doesn’t matter what it is, is going to be vulnerable to bots and trolls unless there is some payment barrier to increase the cost of bots and trolls significantly.”

Apart from holding off on paid verification. Twitter is also working on encrypting DMs and adding video and voice chat to the platform. In a presentation remarks The Verge obtained, Musk said: “We want to enable users to be able to communicate without being concerned about their privacy, [or] without being concerned about a data breach at Twitter causing all of their DMs to hit the web, or think that maybe someone at Twitter could be spying on their DMs. That’s obviously not going to be cool and it has happened a few times before.” He added that “we also want to have the ability to do voice and video chat via DMs.”

It is unclear how long it would take Twitter to roll out all these changes.

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