Netflix Will Begin Global Password-Sharing Crackdown in ‘Early 2023’


Netflix has been working on ways to stop password-sharing for some time now, and the company is gearing up to roll out a crackdown globally in ‘early 2023’. As part of its latest earnings result, the company revealed it now has a “thoughtful approach to monetize account sharing” in 2023, The Verge reports.

After losing 1 million subscribers worldwide last quarter, the company has now added 2.4 million subscribers in the current quarter. Netflix reported losing 1.3 million subscribers in the US and Canada earlier in the year, but the company has now gained 104,000 subscribers in the US and Canada in the last three months.

Netflix won’t be stopping its “bingeable release model” anytime soon. Data from Google Trend in the company’s latest earnings results show Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story had more engagement compared to Amazon’s Ring of Power and HBO’s House of Dragon within the same period; this is due to Netflix’s bingeable release model that other streaming services do not follow. The company believes the model “help drive substantial engagement, especially for newer titles” because it lets viewers “lose themselves” in stories they love.

Starting next year, Netflix will let subscribers create sub-accounts. Earlier in the year, the company did a test in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru that let account owners who share passwords with people outside their household continue to do so by paying a bit more. As the company continues to ramp up efforts to crack down on password-sharing, it recently rolled out a new Profile Transfer feature that lets account users transfer their profile to a new account with viewing history and personalized recommendations.

Netflix is preparing to launch its $6.99 Basic with Ads tier in November and will be hoping the new plan will help bring in more paid subscribers.

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