Huawei Becomes the Second Largest Smartphone Brand, Apple Falls Behind

Huawei trial for fraud

The Chinese tech company, Huawei Technologies has become the second largest global smartphone maker and the world’s biggest supplier of telecom equipment.

Some months ago, the company recorded huge smartphone shipments. According to Nikkei Asian Review, this achievement puts the smartphone maker on the number two spot of top phone brands after beating Apple for the first time by shipping more than 200 million units this year amidst problems with the US and other countries.

Huawei states that this success was pushed by demand for its smartphones. These products include the Huawei P20, Mate 20 and the Honor 10.

Nikkei Asian Review also points out that IDC revealed  Samsung controlled 21.6% of the global market in 2017 with Apple coming in second with 14.7% and Huawei controlling about 10.4%.

Interestingly, the Chinese tech company overtook Apple and claimed second place in the second quarter, maintaining the spot until the third quarter.

Furthermore, Huawei has enjoyed increased patronage in Africa, China, and Europe in 2018 and has also recorded more than 30% increase in sales from the 153 million sold last year. This comes at a time when global smartphone shipments are expected to drop for the second year in 2018.

An executive at Huawei claims its possible for the Chinese firm to become the top global phone brand before the final quarter of 2019 pointing to increasing gains in China and Europe.

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