5 Best Colour Picker Apps for Android

colour picker apps for android

We love beauty. We love colours. They add aesthetic beauty to anything. Be it mural, book paintings, boards and pictures, you cannot help but notice the difference such colours add to the objects.

There are different image editing apps that provide editing services that let you add different colours to your images as you deem fit. These apps act as colour pickers. They provide a wide range of colours you can pick from.

Take a look at 5 of the best colour picker apps for Android you can download.


Best Colour Picker Apps for Android to Try Out

There are quite a few colour apps on Google Play available to download but only a few really do the job for you. In no particular order, listed below are the best colour picker apps for Android.

Color Code

Best Colour Picker Apps for Android

This is quite different from the normal colour apps. It generates custom colours in the app using different forms. There are various colour samples up for display with different utility patterns.

The app displays a full-colour name so you don’t get confused trying to pick a colour. Also, user-defined colours are available forms like RGB and CYMK. Users can switch the app screen by pressing the volume keys to control. Furthermore, Color Code supports different colour models and colour space conversions like HTML Color code, HSL and HSV Color Model, CIE-LAB Color Space and others.

Download here


Color Grab (Color Detection)

colour picker apps for android

Colour Grab is the colour app equivalent of Musixmatch. It identifies the colour of an object. All you have to do is open the app and point your device towards the object. Fascinating right?

This app also provides necessary information on specific colours pertaining to your phone’s photos. The colour blender feature in the app enables you to tweak the colour as you deem fit. Also, the app can export the captured colours to third-party apps like Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Inkscape, etc.

Furthermore, you can copy the colours and send to your contacts via different sources and even create a wallpaper background with the colours.

Download here

RGB Color Picker

colour picker apps for android

RGB Colour Picker is as simples as its interface. Colours are chosen from photos on the app of photos on the device. The app has default photos different from the device’s one. When a user chooses a photo, the colour is shown in a square form and the HTML colour code is displayed too.

Also, a colour’s information is available to users of the app. You really should try this one.

Download here


Color Picker (By Ratonera Inc.)

colour picker apps for android

Color Picker by Ratonera is an instant hit with users who are into coding and programming. This is because the app can show the HTML colour code of highlighted parts of a photo on any device. Also, a user can take pictures to determine the colours used in the picture.

For every captured image, the app shows different colour standards which include RAL, RGB and HEX codes. These colours are also available to other people when users share with them via different platforms.

Download here


Pixolor – Live Color Picker

colour picker apps for android

Pixolor is a popular colour app. How does Pixolor work? It overlays a circle while the pixels placed under the circle are zoomed in for a better view. The desired zoom level has been achieved by adjusting the zoom level repeatedly as desired.

After that has been done, one can drag the circle that encloses the selection and drag it to the preferred area. The circle is where you get to choose the colour you want to add to the pixel.

Pixolor is easy to activate. All you have to do is click on the app icon on your menu. A screen overlay appears on the screen and it can be deactivated on the notification bar. You should try it.

Download here


These are our most recommended colour picker apps for Android you should download. Have you tried any of them? Are there other apps you think should be on the list? Please let us know in the comments section.


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