Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Battle of the Bastards

Battle of the Barstards

Battle of the Bastards, the indication of what was to happen was in the title all along, Ramsay Bolton vs Jon Snow and it was an epic battle. To be very honest the guys HBO needed to deliver this time around, this season has had less action than the previous ones, pending what will happen at the finale episode this will probably go down as the episode of the season.


It wasn’t all Jon vs Ramsay at first as we were first taken to the Slavers Bay at Meeren, Dany had just returned to see her city in ruins and Tyrion was trying to convince her the deal he made with the slave Masters was a good one. Dany couldn’t wait to command her dragons to start burning but Tyrion still tried to convince her she would be like her father, the Mad King who tried to burn down Kings Landing with wildfire before Jamie stopped him. The slave masters wanted Dany to surrender, I guess they forgot she is the one with the dragons. Drogon, the biggest of the three dragons flies to Dany, she climbs and sails to the sky accompanied by the two baby dragons, burning the master’s fleet and killing every vessel on board as well. The Dothraki army having pledged to fight for Dany descended on the Sons of the Harpy and slaughtered every one of them whilst Tyrion and Grey Worm laid down terms for the masters by slaughtering the negotiators.


With the norm now back at Meereen, we see Theon and Yara Geryjoy stand before Dany and Tyrion trying to convince Dany to help them in taking back the Iron Islands from their uncle, Euron Greyjoy. Yara and Theon brought with them 100 ships from the Iron Fleet but Theon tells Dany their uncle has more resources and he’s building more ships. Why wouldn’t Danny side with Euron Greyjoy? Yara quickly put off that notion by saying their uncle wants to marry her. Dany lays down her own terms and an agreement was reached.


Before the epic battle, Ramsay and his entourage met and tried to negotiate with Jon and Sansa, backed by Ser Davos, Tormund and the badass little lady ruler. Ramsay reminds them he has Rickon Stark and wants Jon to surrender. Of course no agreement was reached, the claim to the North was going to be settled by an epic battle.


It was finally time for the battle day, armies were gathered, led by their leaders Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay tried to trap Jon by using Rickon as a bait but he still killed Rickon. Jon Snow could have been killed before the battle even started had his armies not charged forward quickly, for a moment Ramsay’s plan failed. The battle was already fierce now and Ramsay’s men were having the upper hand, Jon falls down and was almost trampled to death by the sea of bodies but eventually made his way up. Jon was losing the battle and it seems all hope was lost until Littlefinger appeared with the Knights of the Vale.

Battle of the Barstards
Battle of the Bastards, PhotoCredit: HBO

Ramsay runs back to take a siege at Winterfell but Tormund with the giant and Jon pursues him. Ramsay commands his men to shut down all doors at Winterfell, holding down for a siege but the giant uses his power and brings down the entrance door allowing Jon in. Jon faces Ramsay Bolton one on one and almost punches him to death.

The Giant
The Giant, PhotoCredit: HBO

With the Starks now taking back Winterfell, Jon orders all banners to be removed and restores the Starks banner, he also said Rickon should be buried in the crypt beside their father. With Ramsay Bolton now captured, tied and bound to a chair in the kennel, Sansa watches on as the hungry hounds feed on him. A befitting death.


The final episode comes out tomorrow night, something big is about to happen at Westeros.

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