Your Twitter Timeline Will No Longer Default to the ‘For You’ Tab

twitter fix disappearing tweets

Twitter is making it easier for you to see the timeline you want when you close the app or on the web. In January, after Elon Musk announced the company was working on better navigation, it made it easier for users to swipe between tabs to see algorithm-controlled tweets “For You” and the “Following” tab that shows tweets from accounts you follow. When you swipe to the “Following” tab and close your Twitter, it will no longer default to “For You,” the company announced.

The update to leave your timeline to whichever one you select is now available on the web, and it’s “coming soon” to iOS and Android, Twitter announced.

The “For You” tab is what Twitter wants you to see. It’s an algorithm-controlled feed that shows tweets, highlights and conversations from accounts you follow and do not follow. Tweets are not shown in chronological order, and old tweets come up on the timeline if the algorithm thinks it’s relevant to you. The “Following” tab only shows tweets in chronological order from accounts you follow.

Twitter has recently faced some backlash after banning third-party clients. The company has been rolling out many changes since Musk took over. On Saturday, Musk tweeted that the company is working on an ad-free tier and revenue dropped by 35 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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