Twitter is Working on an Ad-Free Subscription Plan


Twitter is planning on introducing an ad-free subscription plan in the “coming weeks,” Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday. Twitter Blue is currently priced at $11 monthly on Android and iOS in the US, and one of the perks it offers is the ability to see fewer ads which is still listed as “coming soon” on the subscription page.

“Ads are too frequent on Twitter and too big. Taking steps to address both in coming weeks,” Musk tweeted. “Also, there will be a higher priced subscription that allows zero ads.” A subscription to Twitter Blue on the web costs $8 monthly and the extra $3 being charged on mobile makes up for the commission Apple and Google take for in-app purchases.

Musk did not say the exact launch date or when the ad-free Twitter Blue tier will launch. Twitter could do with a boost in revenue; the company was reported to have had a 35 per cent drop in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2022. The report also states that a senior manager told employees at Twitter last Tuesday that the company’s daily revenue was 40 per cent down compared to the same day a year ago.

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