Can I see who viewed my WhatsApp Status?

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Since its introduction in 2017, WhatsApp status has been a much-loved feature among its billions of users. Whether you are sharing funny videos, personal images, or texts, WhatsApp status has helped users remain in close contact with one another.

Every day, over 450 million people around the world use the feature. The incredible thing about the WhatsApp status is that it has helped people to stay in close contact as we all know what’s up with our friends irrespective of location.

However, many want to know who’s viewing their status. There is definitely no harm in knowing who is viewing your status as this feature is available on WhatsApp.

So, can I know who viewed my WhatsApp Status?

The straight answer is yes, you can know who viewed your WhatsApp status. When you post a status, you will find an eye icon at the bottom of each status. That eye icon tells you the number of people who have viewed your status as well as the particular people i.e. the names of those who viewed your status.

However, you may not see the names of everyone who viewed your status. This may or may not be strange.

If you can’t see those who viewed your status, it means you or the other person has deactivated ‘read receipts’.

If the other person deactivated read receipts, no one will know if and when they view a status. If you deactivate read receipts, others won’t be able to know if and when they view a status.

Who Can See Your Updates?

By default, only those users whom contacts you have saved on your device can access your WhatsApp status. There’s more!

You can equally select those who view your status,

When you open WhatsApp, head over to your status tab, open the menu (3-dotted icon after search icon)and tap on “StatUs privacy” and you will see the following options:

  • My contacts
  • My contacts except
  • Only share with

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The first options allows you share with everyone, the second helps you pick those who you don’t want to see what’s happening on your status. The third works in such a way that you pick those you want to share with.

That said, when you disallow some contacts from viewing your status, this only takes full effect after 24 hours. This implies that if you have uploaded a file before aligning your privacy, those users would still see it until after 24 hours.

However, if you upload a file instantly after the privacy alignment, they wouldn’t see it.

Any third-party apps?

Well, there may be third party apps that can help reveal lots more than WhatsApp. However, we will always advise you not to use these third-party apps. You have to be wary of your privacy and security.

Final words

Many of us only saved certain numbers for emergency cases or just so we can reach them once in a very blue moon. We do not intend to show them every minute of our lives. However, WhatsApp does the opposite.

So, if you are one of those people who do not like extra publicity, using the privacy features will be great. Or, just boycott WhatsApp status altogether and post at intervals.


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