SwiftKey vs TouchPal: Which Keyboard Wins?

swiftkey vs touchpal

Keyboard apps are very integral on our mobile devices. Whether you choose to use the default keyboard app that comes pre-installed on your device, or you decide to go with another keyboard app, you still have to use one.

That said, TouchPal and SwiftKey are the two of the most popular keyboards as we speak.

TouchPal is loved for its themes, fonts, and cool emojis. SwiftKey, now owned by tech giant Microsoft, has amazing features including language translation and calendar integration.

Let’s compare SwiftKey vs Touchpal keyboards and see how they stack up.

SwiftKey vs TouchPal Head-to-Head

To know which comes top in SwiftKey vs Touchpal, we will compare both keyborads in terms of features and performance.

Typing and User Experience

When you have an account on SwiftKey, it requests for account integration with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. It does this to create a directory where your custom words are stored. It learns from your typing habits to enhance user experience.

TouchPal on other hand comes with a cool interface where you will be directed to more options once you click on the logo. TouchPal is only integrated with Twitter.

The typing experience on both apps is similar. However, SwiftKey is somewhat better at word prediction.

Keyboard Types

SwiftKey has a regular predictive keyboard. The app starts word suggestion once you start typing based on previous experience.

TouchPal offers predictive text features as well as a new feature called Wave. Wave is a feature that predicts an entire sentence instead of just words.

Emojis, GIFs, and Stickers

Emojis and stickers have become really popular in chats as well as GIFs. These features are used by users to express themselves more succinctly.

SwiftKey allows you access emojis by putting a button near your spacebar. It also has easily accessible GIF and stickers.

Alongside having emojis and stickers button, TouchPal allows you create AvatarMoji. All you have to do is click a selfie and watch it animated. Add a text to it, and it looks all real!

Smart AI

TouchPal’s AI powered Talia can change the game of keyboard apps. Talia is a keyboard assistant that can do many things. For example, if you type a city, it can bring such information as weather.

SwiftKey, in this regard, lacks AI. But, the takeover by Microsoft may mean we should expect it soon!


Translation is a great future for those who travel a lot. In this manner, SwiftKey is a better translation app than TouchPal. SwiftKey also integrates with your current apps such that you can type a given word in the available space, and it will direct the app you are using to perform a function.

SwiftKey vs TouchPal – Final Words

Talia may be the obvious advantage TouchPal has over SwiftKey. Nonetheless, SwiftKey has its own advantages too, particularly the translation accuracy which is invaluable for people who travel from continents to another.

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