SwiftKey vs Gboard — Which Is Better?

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Our phones have grown to become a reliable companion as they are always at our beck and call anytime in the day and at night to aid us in carrying out an array of activities. That shows the keyboard we utilize for typing on our smartphones plays a huge role in our mobile communication because an iffy keyboard can bottleneck our communication to a crawl or riddle our messages with typos.

For years, Gboard and SwiftKey have been the mainstay of seamless mobile communication. However, in spite of their remarkable strengths, they also show a number of weaknesses. (Just like every other robust tool in the world of technology.) Let’s draw a comparison of the pros and cons of both Swiftkey vs Gboard keyboard app with a view to determining which one of them is better than the other.

SwiftKey vs Gboard

Taking a look at each keyboard app individually.


First released in July 2010 as an exclusive for Android OS, SwiftKey has a rich history in the mobile app space. Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, the software has only got better. The approach of this keyboard, which was developed by TouchType, to punctuation and the customizable command section facilitates typing for advanced editors, allowing them to type quite easily, as fast as possible.


  • Better customization of layout/size
  • More expansive app theme gallery
  • Swiping from left and right for faster punctuation
  • Clipboard copy-paste containing numerous recent items


  • Wider convoluted settings menu
  • Searches via Bing
  • No support for outside sticker packs

Download SwiftKey app from Google Play


Gboard is used by millions of Android and iOS users. Though it is perfect for getting your words out in a quick and accurate manner, making use of non-standard symbols is not as convenient as it is with SwiftKey. This Google’s keyboard offers great predictions; however, its prediction layout requires getting accustomed to.


  • Top-notch prediction and excellent layout
  • Automatically syncs to Google account
  • Simple-to-navigate settings
  • Great support for sticker packs


  • Allows swiping to delete words, but has no undo option when it goes too far
  • Not easy to use symbols other thana comma and a full stop.

Download Gboard app from Google Play

SwiftKey vs Gboard – Comparison

You probably do all your typing with Gboard as it came pre-installed on your smartphone, and the default app hasn’t given you enough reasons to consider getting an alternative. Gboard provides one of the best typing experiences under this category of apps, particularly for newer phone users who could still be getting accustomed to making use of an on-screen keyboard. Some of its major highlights are its prediction prowess, the constant introduction of excellent features such as GIF searching, floating keyboard, and others.

It also offers support to a much wider range of languages as well as dialects & character styles as compared with SwiftKey. Gboard also ranks higher than its rival as regards GIF searching, sticker pack selection, and in-keyboard web search, powered by Google Search engine instead of Bing on SwiftKey. Word & media prediction on Google’s keyboard is a bit faster and smoother than SwiftKey, as a result of the machine learning leverage of Google to gain the knowledge of your lingo and learn habits in a quicker manner.

Having said all that, personally, I opted for SwiftKey as my default keyboard for 2 primary reasons. And though they may not be enough for everyone to ditch Gboard, they were sufficient for me.

Symbol Swiping Feature

SwiftKey lets you swipe right and left on the period button to instantly put ? and ! in sentences, including comma also, unlike Gboard that requires that you long-press and drag in order to get these symbols on.

Access to Clipboard

SwiftKey, through its feature bar, offers easy access to the clipboard, allowing users to paste multiple items, easily, without the need to long-press your cursor and look for the clipboard option each time. The feature comes handy for confirmation codes as well as live-tweeting using multiple hashtags.

What you really expect, at the end of the day, is that your keyboard helps you type faster, and between using copy-paste combination and symbol-cursing, such as the %$&@ $?#!>@%*^. SwiftKey allows for faster and better typing. On the other hand, Gboard provides a more simplified layout, greater and better sticker packs.

While Gboard may be great for the majority of users folks, if you want a board that is a bit more editor-friendly, SwiftKey is your best bet. This is because it comes with excellent customization options, great themes, and offers every symbol (#%^$ a $%#*) you need. Choosing the better option of the 2 popular keyboards really boils down to your style and needs.


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