What Next After Facebook Messenger Day? Facebook Spectacles?

Facebook Spectacles

With the rolling out of Messenger Day on Facebook Messenger standalone application, the members of the Facebook team can clap for themselves and say mission accomplished, for they have successfully made all Facebook-owned applications (Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram) be able to tell Stories. Before September 2011 only the trio of Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown were the guys thinking and coding an application that will allow users take a selfie that will auto-delete itself after 24hours.

After launching and relauching Snapchat is at where it is today with its main features being the ability to capture ephemeral pictures and videos, and add effects, captions and drawings to them . Also Snapchat boasts of its Geofilters and Lens features.

As a result of the high reception of Snapchat by the public, Snap Inc. (the parent company of Snapchat) introduced Snapchat Spectacles in September 2016. Since the release of the Spectacles, Snapchat users have been queueing endlessly in front of SnapBot to get one, until the Spectacles were made available to be ordered online.

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While Snapchat was breaking the ground with its innovations, nobody knew Facebook was eyeing its success, until it made an official proposal to buy Snapchat in 2013. Snap declined to sell Snapchat to Facebook, and three years later Facebook started rolling out updates copying Snapchat core functionality on all its owned social applications.

The first attempt to copy-paste a Snapchat feature dated back in summer of 2016 when Facebook added filters to Messenger camera; then it introduced Instagram Stories in August 2016; lenses, stickers, drawings and more filter were added to Messenger in December 2016; and just this week Instragam got Geostickers and Messenger got Messenger Day.

Facebook Spectacles

Now if you ask what other things Snap Inc. does the Facebook hasn’t replicated, it is the Snapchat Spectacles. And only time will tell if we wouldn’t be getting a Facebook Spectacle, soon.

For the meantime, we should keep watching the next Facebook mission against Snapchat.

Let’s hear from you; will you rock a Facebook Spectacles, if introduced into the market?

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