3 Useful Value Added Services of GMail You Might Be Missing

Gmail’s Useful Value Added Service and Tricks

I know you are familiar with Gmail services:  You have checked your inbox today, and also sent some emails. That’s nice. You are using the core services of Gmail, but there are extra services I recommend you check out.

Some people call these extra services Gmail tricks. Well, the first two of these services discussed below can be called tricks, but the third on the list is definitely not.

Gmail’s Useful Value Added Service and Tricks

Now let go through what I call useful value added services of Gmail you might be missing.

Gmail’s Useful Value Added Services and Tricks

#1   Gmail Dot Trick

Some Gmail users created their accounts with dot (e.g. adedapo.olatunde@gmail.com) while some run through their usernames without a dot (e.g. adedapoolatunde@gmail.com). The thing most users don’t know about Gmail is, with or without a dot, all emails sent to a particular email username address will be delivered to the registered address.

For example, if I open a Gmail address with adedapo.olatunde@gmail.com, I will still get all emails sent to adedapoolatunde@gmail.com and vice versa. Not matter where you put a dot in an email address or remove a dot from it, the email will be delivered to one address.

Gmail is only interested in your username@gmail.com. It doesn’t consider your dot(s) and this is a value added service, only if you know how it is.

Let see how Gmail dot trick is a value added service:

Have you ever tried signing up on a website but get a notification that your email address has been taken. You try to recover your password from the site but to no avail. If you have ever experienced this, Gmail dot trick is a value added service you need to fix this.

All you need to do is to put dot in your Gmail username if it doesn’t have. If your username already has, remove it or place the dot at a different location before the @ symbol. This fools the website and makes it think your email is different from the one already taken. 

As already stated, the good news is, your registration information will still be delivered to your standard email address. But you must remember how you trick the dot in your email. The website you are using the tricked Gmail address with will only recognize that tricked version and only allow you to login with the tricked version.

#2  Google Mail

When you register a Gmail account, Google automatically gives you a bonus email address — a Google mail address. By registering adedapo.olatunde@gmail.com, I also get adedapo.olatunde@googlemail.com.

Good news, all email sent to the @googlemail address enters the standard @gmail account.

This can be used as a substitute to your @gmail address. It can work the same wonder like the dot trick by serving as an alternative when your standard email is taken. You don’t need to register a new Gmail account.

#3  Google Plus

Google has a social network. If you are aware of it, good; if you are not, not bad. The thing is, whether you are aware of Google Plus or not, Google automatically registers you to it when you register a Gmail. Google hopes one day, you will complete your profile and start using the social network.

Google Plus, like other social networks, connects you with friends, meet new people and do other interest stuffs.

On a concluding note, you might not need any of these services for the period you will be using your Gmail, but I think knowing about them is worth it. You might need any of the services one day.

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