UK Doctor Performs Surgery Live With Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat spectacles

A UK doctor took the Snapchat craze to a new level by performing a surgery whilst wearing the Snapchat Spectacles at a London Hospital, with this the surgeon was able to live stream the operation to the thousands of people following his account.

Dr Shafi Ahmed Snapcaht Spectacles
Chris Rogers BMI Hospitals

In case You Are Wondering What Snapchat Spectacles Is

If you’ve not heard about the Snapchat Spectacles, they are spectacles with an in-built camera. The Spectacles works with your phone by getting paired through a Bluetooth connection, to do this your Snapchat app must be well updated up to date. Open your app and click on the Snap icon at the top of the screen, a screen comes up which shows your Snapcode or profile. At the top of the Snapchat Spectacles is a black button for starting and ending recordings, press the button at look directly to your phone’s screen showing your Snapcode, the Spectacle gets paired with your phone after some minutes and you can start using it.

This is not the first attempt to live stream a medical operation on Snapchat. The hip-hop mogul DJ Khaled live streamed the birth of his son some weeks ago albeit without using the Spectacles. Dr Shafi Ahmed is the first person to achieve this milestone. Whilst performing the operation another medical consultant was pressing the record button to save the 10-seconds clip. Dr Shafi said he carefully planned the recordings as he didn’t want all the process to be shown in each clips except the techniques he wanted to get out.

Dr Shafi Ahmed Snap Spectacles
Chris Rogers BMI Hospitals

“I’m always looking for ways to develop my teaching, especially using wearable technology. When I saw the Snap spectacles, I asked friends in New York to buy some and send them to me immediately. “I had to think through the operation and what I’d show in each clip. I wanted to demonstrate techniques and break it down in a structured way.” Explained Dr Shafi

Dr Shafi is definitely not new to modern technology as he live streamed an operation in virtual reality back in April this year.

The Snapchat Spectacles currently retails for a 130 US dollars.

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