Do You Need Two Antivirus Programs on Your Computer?

Do You Need Two Antivirus Programs on Your Computer?

Since we believe two heads are better than one, possibly two antivirus programs on a computer should be better than one, too. I have this believe in my first few years with computers, at that time I used Avast free antivirus and wanted to install another one to complement my computer’s security.

I believed having two antivirus programs will make my computer ‘virus-proof’.

I believed one good thing plus another good thing always equals two good things. But was I right with that in terms of antivirus?

Do You Need Two Antivirus Programs on Your Computer?

I was almost right but definitely wrong! When it comes to a computer, one antivirus is the best. Perhaps two will be better. But don’t forget that best is better than better.

And here are the main reasons two antivirus programs on a computer is a bad idea.

Reasons Two Antivirus Programs on one Computer is Bad

  • Conflicts in Operation: When you install two antivirus programs on a computer, the two will try to perform the same task which is monitoring and securing your computer against white-walkers (viruses). Meaning when a virus enters your computer, the two spring into action at the same time. Instead of killing the virus, the two end up killing each other, making them redundant and their purposes defeated. This is equivalent to not having an antivirus installed on your computer.
  • Slow Down Computer Operation: This is related to conflicts in operation in that while the two programs are struggling against each other to kill the bad guys that want to infect your computer, they both use a lot of system resources in the struggle, leading to overworking the processor. And when processor is overworked, your computer slows down and enters hanging mode.
  • Detecting Good Files as Virus: Also as a result of struggle for dominance, the two antivirus programs tend to misbehave. First, they see each others files as viruses and second, they might start seeing windows files as viruses,too. I think the struggle for dominance makes them lose their ‘senses’.


Definitely, two good heads are better than one, but in the case of antivirus, one good one is better than two good ones. Therefore, I recommend you go for one good one and update it regularly. Trust the one good one and your computer is as secured as a good one.

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