5 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Antivirus for Your Mac

choosing antivirus for mac

If you are a Mac user, then you may have been led to believe that Mac systems are impervious to cyber-attacks, malware, and viruses. To some extent, this is true because of two reasons. One is that the macOS is based on Unix, which is sandboxed. What this means is that the system has a series of layers that can keep malware at bay and prevent them from reaching the core functions of the system. The second reason is that Mac users are less in number compared to PC users. When the PC market is a lot bigger and it’s easy to hack into a Windows OS, then it makes sense for the hackers to target it over macOS.

Although macOS is pretty powerful and reliable, there is a reason to use a dedicated antivirus for Mac systems like Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. This is because even though macOS users are limited compared to Windows users, their number is increasing by the day. Also, cybercriminals are realizing that Mac users are often rich, which is why targeting them is worth the effort.

Although Apple has become better in dealing with the privacy and security concerns for its users, like how it made Siri listening feature optional, it can’t be trusted completely. This is why you need a dedicated antivirus even if you trust Apple’s products. If you are going to buy a program, then you should consider the following 5 things first:

Effect on Performance

MacOS is generally considered a highly responsive and efficient OS. Even with an average configuration, you can expect good performance from your system. However, antivirus programs can often be taxing on system resources. If your system has limited RAM and an old-gen processor, then you may want to confirm how the installation of an antivirus program can affect the performance. If you are using a software that offers real-time service, i.e. it’s active all the time like it should be, then the effect on system performance must be taken seriously.

Ease of Use

Are you tech-savvy or do you prefer user-friendly software applications? Depending on your preferences and skill level, you should pick an antivirus that’s either simple or offers a variety of antivirus tools.

Generally, antivirus users prefer products that you can just set up once and forget forever. However, if you use your system for business or other heavy-duty tasks like software development, graphics design, etc. then you may want an antivirus program that has advanced features for more protection.

Multiplatform and Multidevice Support

It’s a good idea to find an antivirus program that’s supported by not only Mac but also PC and smartphone devices, such as the multi-device ones offered by Bitdefender, for instance. This way, you can buy one product and protect all your devices irrespective of their operating systems and hardware. This is smart and makes sense financially too.

Product Demo

Most antivirus products allow you to use the services for free for a certain period of time (2-4 weeks). Some offer a freemium model in which you can use limited features for free, for as long as you want and you only need to pay if you want access to premium features. If any of these options are available- demo or freemium, then you can give the software serious consideration. After all, you don’t want to pay for a product until you have hands-on experience.

Update Frequency

There is no such thing as a perfect antivirus solution for Mac. This is because new online threats emerge on the Internet from time to time and the antivirus software has to keep up with them. For instance, global organizations are currently facing a serious threat from ransomware, which are advanced malware programs that can spread in your system and block your personal files. To regain access, the virus demands a ransom (hence the name) and you need to have advanced antivirus protection to prevent falling prey to such attacks.

If you want the best online protection on Mac, then you should find antivirus software that releases updates frequently for maximum protection.

So, there you have it, some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you buy an antivirus program for your Mac systems. Use this information at your discretion and you will be able to choose the perfect product easily.

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