Quick Step to Convert Word to PDF

convert word to pdf

Like the full meaning implies, PDF (Portable Document Format) is portable and easy to read. Imagine sending a thesis or a proposal to someone in word (doc or docx) format. Unless the person is going to edit it, the person will definitely not thank you.

Therefore in order to make Microsoft word document readable, many people use third party application that allows selection of the document and with some abracadabra, turns it to PDF. As far as I am concerned, you don’t need a third party for this!

Conversions can be done with the Microsoft Word application alone itself. Without leaving Microsoft Word environment, you can actually convert Word documents to many other formats you want, including PDF. Here is the how you can do it.

Convert Word to PDF in Microsoft Office

  • Open the word document and go to File.


  • Then navigate to Save As and select a location to save the PDF file to be generated.


  • Under the option File Name, give the document your desired name.
  • Under Save as type, click on the down arrow to bring out all the available save type options and select PDF.


  • After selecting PDF, click on save to convert the file to PDF.


Can you see that this approach is really quick and easy? And with few clicks your file is in PDF. If you already have any third party application installed on your computer doing this, go and uninstall it straightaway cos you just got smarter with MS Word.

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