Quick Step to Convert PDF (Portable Document Format) to Word

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Moving texts and images from Portable Document Format(PDF)  to Word document is as easy as doing regular copy-paste but because this isn’t the right way of getting PDF into Word, you have to do a lot of editing to get the final document in shape. For this reason, a PDF-to-Word converter is the right tool for the job.

In Microsoft Word, you can convert Word to PDF within the application, but this is impossible in PDF readers.

Most widely available converters run online. This means you have to upload the PDF file you want to convert before it is processed into a downloadable Word file.

To be sincere, getting this done through the online converters is good and requires little data, but I think having an offline converter is better. Therefore, in this article, I will be walking you through how to use a lightweight offline converter to convert PDF to Word. The good thing about this offline PDF to Word converter is that it is 100% free and the size is just about 1MB.

How to Convert PDF to Word Offline


1.  Download and install Free PDF to Word Doc Converter.

2. Launch the application.

3. Under Select PDF file for conversion, click browse to locate the PDF you want to convert.

PDF to Word

4. Select the PDF file and click Open.

PDF to Word

5. Under Output Doc file, click browse to select the location you want the converted file saved to.

6. Under General Options, untick Uses text-box.

7. Finally, click on Convert to Word Document and you will get ‘Conversion completed!’ dialogue box at the end of the process.

Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word

The converted file will open with Microsoft Word immediately after conversion. To see where the file is saved, simply go to location you selected in Step 5 and you file is now in a Microsoft Word doc format.

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