Twitter Will Show You a Warning When You Try to Like a Labelled Tweet

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Earlier this year, Twitter started labelling tweets that contain manipulated media, the company took it a notch higher when misinformation around COVID-19 started spreading sporadically. In other to combat false and manipulative tweets during the 2020 presidential election in the United States, tweets that appear to interfere in elections or civic processes were labelled with a warning. On Monday, the company announced it will now begin showing a warning when people try to like such tweets.

Likes and Retweets are a way people use to validate a tweet on Twitter. In October, the company changed the way its Retweet works by giving people the option to add a tweet on a user’s tweet before sharing. To Retweet, users just have to tap the Retweet icon without typing anything. Twitter says these labels have helped decreased quote tweets of misleading information by 29 percent.

The feature will be rolling out on Android and iOS globally in the coming weeks. Twitter is hoping the warning will help reduce the number of likes given to a labelled tweet.

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