Twitter Comes Hard on Trolls and Bullies – Rolls out anti-abuse measures

Twitter trolls

Twitter trolls and bullies will no longer have it easy like they do before as the microblogging platform this week rolled out measures to counter abuses. Twitter said accounts identified with abusive behaviours will henceforth have the reach of their tweets temporarily restricted during which tweets will only be shown to the abuser’s followers. Before, retweeted tweets could reach a massive number of people but with Twitter’s new measures this won’t be possible for a particular period of time.

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Accounts will be tagged as being a troll or bully if it constantly tweets abusive language at another account not following the bully.

In another update by @TwitterSafety, it tweeted, ‘Now, you won’t be notified about replies to conversations started by people you’ve blocked/muted, unless replies are from people you follow.’ Twitter said it came to the decision after hearing consistent feedback from its safety community regarding notifications from conversations started by people users have blocked or muted.

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Twitter being a free platform for freedom of speech has enabled weaklings in reality to be powerful online, people tweet abusively at people they do not dare to look into their face offline. This new measures without doubt will put Twitter trolls and bullies in check.

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