7 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Should Really Try Out

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The instant messaging application has over 1 billion users and there are really cool WhatsApp tricks people are not trying out. Most people just chat but do not make use of the other interesting features of the app.

Here are the Cool WhatsApp Tricks you’ve not been using

Bold, Italicize and Strikethrough

WhatsApp allows you to convey your message better by making your texts bold, italics or you strikethrough them. Sometimes, you need a particular word to standout from your sentence just to put more emphasis on it, the best you should do in this situation is bold it. To bold a word, text or sentence in WhatsApp add * before and after it, to italicize add _ before and after, to strikethrough add ~ before and after it. This is one of the cool WhatsApp tricks people are not trying out.

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Quote a Reply

Another way of laying emphasis on a particular word, text or sentence in WhatsApp is by quoting it. By quoting a particular reply and posting on it, the person you are chatting with recognizes your reply as at that time is to a particular line sent by him/her. To quote a reply, hold or tap down on the sentence or word to highlight it, then tap on the reply button as circled in the image below. The line is now quoted and you can reply on that exact sentence.

cool whatsapp tricks and cheats

Mention Someone in a Group Chat

If you are a Twitter user you will understand what Mention is. When you mention someone on Twitter, the person gets a notification they’ve been mentioned, this is like an alert to something. This is applicable to all members in a WhatsApp group as well. To mention someone in a WhatsApp group, type @, a list of all the people in the WhatsApp group comes out. To mention a particular user, after typing the @ symbol type the name of the person as saved in your contact list or the number as shown to you in the group, you could also choose from the list as shown after typing the @ symbol.

cool whatsapp tricks and cheats

Check the Number of People Who have Read Your Message in A Group Chat

In a WhatsApp group, you can see the number of people who has seen your message and read or ignore it. To see this, highlight your message by holding or tapping down on it, then tap on the circled i as shown in the image below. You are shown the users to have seen and read your message, this way you can see the ones who chose to ignore.

cool whatsapp tricks and cheats

Email an Entire Chat History

There are times your inner CIA kicks in and you need to verify some claims or send out an entire chat history or conversation with a particular user to someone else’s email or yours. To do this, open a chat with a user you want to email, on top of your screen tap on the vertical 3-dotted symbol, this brings out some options, tap on more to see the Email chat option. When you click on the Email chat option, your entire conversation with that user is converted to a txt format and attached in your local mail box (Gmail) where you need to enter the email address of the recipient and send.

cool whatsapp tricks and cheats

Set Last Seen and Read Receipts

You have the option of hiding when last you were seen on WhatsApp as well as hiding read receipts (the blue tick indication you have read a particular message). See our full guide on this here.

Send Animated GIFs

You must have been seen 2-4 seconds funny images online, these are animated GIFs. GIFs can now be sent and received on WhatsApp, see our full guide on how to do this here.

These are the cool WhatsApp tricks you should really try out. Don’t forget to share the article.

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