Twitter Begins Rolling Out Update to Fix Disappearing Tweets

twitter fix disappearing tweets

Twitter is finally fixing one of the annoying features of its platform. In September, the social network site acknowledged the disappearing tweets problem. When users come back to the Twitter app or website after a while and start reading a tweet, the timeline automatically refreshes and the tweet is gone, this didn’t make for a good experience on the platform.

Twitter said it knows “it’s a frustrating experience, so we’re working on changing it.” The social network site promised its “changes will keep your TL fresh and keep tweets from disappearing mid-read.” In an update on Monday, Twitter said an update to fix the disappearing tweet issue is rolling on the web and users will now be able to choose when they want new tweets to load into the timeline.

It shouldn’t take long for the update to start rolling out on iOS and Android as well since it’s already on the app. Twitter says to “click the tweet counter bar at the top” on web to choose when a new tweet loads.

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