Twitter Circle will Let you Send Tweets to Select People

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Twitter is testing a new feature that will let you send tweets to a select group of people. With Twitter Circle, instead of sending tweets seen by everyone, users will be able to add up to 150 to their circle for exclusive tweets.

Twitter began testing the new feature on Tuesday and it’s available to some users on iOS, Android and the web. Those who have access to the feature can add up to 150 accounts including followers and non-followers to their Twitter Circle. Tweets sent to a Circle can only be seen and replied to by those in the Circle. The list can be edited anytime to add and remove users and Twitter won’t send notifications about this.

Twitter expands Tweet limit

Twitter Circle is similar to making an account private and those in the Circle won’t be able to retweet a tweet, the difference is this affects all tweets in a private account but only tweets sent to a Circle in Twitter Circle. According to The Verge, people added to a Circle cannot remove themselves but they will be able to mute conversations they are not interested in. Only one Circle can be created for now.

Tweets sent to Circles are still subjected to Twitter’s safety guidelines and those who violate them with abusive tweets can still be banned. As Twitter awaits Musk’s takeover to be completed, that hasn’t stopped it from rolling out new features.

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