Elon Musk Suggests Commercial Users Might Pay ‘Slight Cost’ for Twitter

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As he waits for his $44 billion Twitter takeover deal to be completed, Elon Musk continues to remain vocal about his ideas for the company. On Tuesday, the Space X and Tesla CEO tweeted that Twitter will always be free for “casual users” but that commercial and government users might have to pay a “slight cost” to continue using the platform.

Twitter’s current subscription service, Twitter Blue costs $4.99 monthly and is targeted at the company’s dedicated users and not necessarily commercial or government users. The service lets subscribers undo tweets, post longer videos, read articles ad-free, and access a host of app customization options among many other features.

While lining up financing for Twitter’s takeover, Musk pitched new business model ideas for Twitter to bankers which included cutting costs and jobs, according to Bloomberg. Musk discussed more ways to monetise Twitter and potential subscription models to increase revenue; the bulk of the company’s revenue currently comes from advertising.

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported Musk could take Twitter public again a few years after buying it. Musk told potential investors the company could be public again in just three years when he takes control. The $44 billion acquisition of Twitter is set to be completed later this year subject to the approval of Twitter shareholders and regulators.

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