Twitter Blue Subscription Service that Lets You Undo Tweets Is Now Available in the US

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Twitter Blue, the subscription service that was launched in June in Australia and Canada is now available in the United States and New Zealand. The service will cost $2.99 US / NZD 4.49 monthly and it will be available across iOS, Android and the web. Twitter says it has also added more features to the service since it was launched as it continues to listen to feedback.

One of the most important features of Twitter Blue is the ability to undo tweets, subscribers of the service will have the chance to preview and edit tweets before they are finally sent out. Twitter is also adding a Reader mode that makes it easier to read long threads. Users will be able to customize their thread experience in Reader mode and even change text size.

Thanks to the company’s acquisition of Scroll, Twitter Blue members will be able to read ad-free from news websites in the US such as The Washington Post, L.A. Times, USA TODAY, The Atlantic, Reuters, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Insider and The Hollywood Reporter when they open them from Twitter. The company says it is working to add more publishers in more markets and that its goal is “to help each publishing partner make 50% more per person than they would’ve made from serving ads to that person.” Another feature from Scroll Twitter will be adding is the aggregation of most-shared articles in the last 24 hours in a tab, this is a feature that will be familiar to Nuzzel users before it was shut down due after Twitter acquired Scroll.

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Another perk of the Twitter Blue subscription is the ability to customize the Twitter app itself. Twitter Blue members will have access to exclusive app icons, colourful themes and Bookmark Folders. Subscribers can also customize their navigation to have access to the most important Twitter destinations in front of them.

Finally, Twitter Blue members will be part of Blue Labs, an exclusive group of users who will be having early access to new Twitter features before it is rolled out to everyone. Part of the new features which is available is the ability to upload up to 10-minutes video clips as opposed to the standard 2-minutes maximum length for all users. Members will also be able to pin their most important DM conversations.

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