Squid Game is Netflix’s Biggest Series Launch Ever

Squid Game - Netflix

Korean survival thriller series, Squid Game is now Netflix’s biggest series launch ever. The streaming giant announced on Tuesday the TV show has reached 111 million viewers since it debuted on September 17.

Squid Game achieved the milestone in just its first 17 days surpassing the record set by previous holder; Bridgerton which Netflix said was seen by 82 million households in its first 28 days of release. Not only is Squid Game Netflix’s biggest TV show ever, the show has generated a lot of buzz and is the No. 1 series in so many countries across the globe.

Netflix’s Squid Game

There is a caveat however to this statistics, Netflix measures the view time by the number of accounts who has seen at least two minutes of a particular show. The total figure does not state the number of viewers who streamed the show till the end or those who just wanted to see what the buzz was about before switching to other show.

It took more than 10 years for Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk to finally get his wish of having a series. Korean studious passed up the opportunity to make a movie of it in 2008 due to its violet nature. Hwang would later get his wish of having a TV series with Netflix.

When I started [writing ‘Squid Game’], I was in financial straits myself and spent much time in cafes reading comics including ‘Battle Royale’ and ‘Liar Game,’” Hwang told Variety. “I came to wonder how I’d feel if I took part in the games myself. But I found the games too complex, and for my own work focused instead on using kids’ games.”

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