Sony Showcases Exclusive Uncharted Movie Plane Fight Scene

uncharted movie

Sony’s Uncharted movie featuring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake hits the theatres on February 18. In order to ramp up anticipation for the upcoming movie, Sony Pictures Entertainment showcased familiar scene players of the Uncharted PlayStation game would like to see.

At Sony’s CES 2022 event on Tuesday evening, more than two minutes of the Uncharted movie from the plane fight scene was shown. Tom Holland as Nathan Drake was seen flung from a plane with huge cargos. Holland managed to survive after repeatedly being shot at and being hit by a car from the same plane fight scene. The scene is directly out of the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception video game.

This is the third trailer Sony will be releasing for the movie. In the same movie, Mark Wahlberg stars as Victor “Sully” Sullivan.

Image: Sony

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