Sony Begins Taking Pre-Order Reservations for the PlayStation 5

playstation 5 console

Sony is getting ready to launch its PlayStation 5 console this holiday 2020 and there will be a limited quantity of the consoles available for pre-order. If you own a PS4 console and you play regularly, chances are by now you’ve gotten an email invite from Sony asking you to register to be the first in line to pre-order the PS5 console.

According to the FAQ page from Sony, selection for the pre-order invitation is made based on previous interests and PlayStation activities. So, it is as simple as that; if you got an email from Sony, you were selected exclusively, otherwise, you didn’t make the cut.

Reservations for pre-order are also taken on a first-come-first-serve basis, which means you have to fill the registration form in time as there is a long waiting list. Those who got invitation can pre-order with their PSN ID and pre-order for the PS5 console is limited to one quantity per user ID. Only those which a US shipping address will also be valid, any other pre-order outside of the US will be cancelled.

There is a lot Sony is still yet to reveal about the PlayStation 5 console such as its retail price and the actual launch date. Sony is expected to reveal more in the coming weeks.


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