Sony Unveils Complete PlayStation 5 Hardware Specifications

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Sony today revealed the full hardware specifications of its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. Lead System Architect, Mark Cerny presented a deep dive into the PS5’s console hardware which was live-streamed on the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

The PS5 will be powered by an eight-core x86-64-AMD Ryzen “Zen 2” CPU which is clocked at (variable frequency) 3.5GHz speed. It also features a custom GPU Built on AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics engine with support for Ray Tracing acceleration which is clocked at a speed of 2.23GHz and promises 10.3 teraflops. The console will be coming with 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and a custom 825GB SSD which is capable of 5.5GB/s Read Bandwidth.

Playstation 5 specifications

With Sony switching to SSD from the HDD on the PS4, it hopes to remove loading screens and enable developers “stream assets into PS5 games at an incredibly fast rate.” This was made known already last year when Sony demoed its next-generation console fast load time against the PS4 Pro. Sony tested Spider Man and it took the PS4 Pro 8 seconds to load while the PS5 only took less than a second.

Comparing Sony’s CPU and GPU raw numbers with that of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, Microsoft edges on this part but it remains to be seen how both consoles will actually perform against each other when tested with proper gaming. The Xbox Series X features 8 core of the same ADM processor at a much faster 3.5GHz speed, a GPU capable of 12 teraflops and 52 compute units offering 1.825GHz speed for each, 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and a larger size 1TB SSD.

Sony says the PS5 will have an immersive audio experience through 3D audio that delivers a great gaming experience regardless of a high-level sound system. This works with a custom engine Sony says it has built that has been equipped with power and efficiency to render quality audio. “You’ll be able to hear raindrops hitting different surfaces all around you, and you can hear and precisely locate where an enemy is lurking behind you,” says Sony.

The PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible and Mark Cerny confirms it will be able to play almost all the top PS4 games at launch. Sony says it will continue testing to make the PS5 backwards compatible for more original PS4 games.

PS5 backwards compatibility

Other specifications include support for 4k Blu-ray drive up to 100GB disc, 4k gaming with 120Hz refresh rates on TV and 8K gaming. This will only be delivered at optimal performance on TVs supporting HDMI 2.1

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