It’s Time to Say Bye-Bye to YouTube Annotations

youtube annotations

YouTube is making changes to its platform and some lower usage features are going to be removed soon, among these are YouTube annotations.

Annotations are those pop-up boxes on videos which normally shows texts, links and notes. These could get very annoying are used by creators to share additional information or whatever details they want the readers to see. Back in 2017, YouTube Annotations Editor was removed meaning changes cannot be made to older ones except its deleted.

In its announcement, YouTube said “Soon, we’ll stop showing any remaining annotations on older videos and remove them from Creator Studio Classic. Note: over 70% of watch time comes from mobile and this number is growing– since annotations only work on desktop, they’re reaching less and less people.”

The statement above makes a lot of sense, mobile has taken over the internet and over 70% of video views on YouTube come from smartphones. Since Annotations can only be used when viewing YouTube or laptops or desktop computers, the feature is getting redundant.

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Tools like cards and end screens can be used in place of Annotations to make videos more interactive. Comments can also be pinned by the creator to share additional information.

Changes will take effect 15th January 2019.

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