Samsung Stops Sale of Galaxy Note 7 after Already Sold Units Caught Fire

galaxy note 7 explosion

Just after two weeks of launching, Galaxy Note 7 has received a very bad users review that may negatively impact its sale. The phone, like every other Samsung’s phones, comes with a lot of thrilling features that will make you want to save up your salary in order to get one.

However, the early buyers of this phone are already complaining of an usual experience leading to the phone catching fire while charging. Some users reported that the USB Charging port of the phone melted while charging and this led to a total damage of the phone.

The worst reported experience was given by a user who claimed that his phone exploded like a bomb just after removing the charger and putting it in his waist. A Lot of pictures and videos have also surfaced online to provide to Samsung that its new flagship phone actually catches fire and the Korean company has finally confirmed the claims itself.

galaxy note 7 explosion

Samsung attributed the explosion to the battery of the phone and called for a halt to the sale of the phone. The phone maker also promised to replace the 35 already sold unit of the phone which has been confirmed to catch fire.

Out of the 2.5 Million copies of the new Galaxy Note 7 manufactured, 1 Million copies have been sold and Samsung can only hope this embarrassing circumstance doesn’t  negatively hit the sale of its other smartphones.

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