Facebook Satellite Designed to Provide Free Internet In Africa Exploded

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It is no more news that Google and Facebook are determined to providing free internet to the Africa, Middle East and some part of Europe. Google already had balloons in space beaming internet to homes in Australia and Facebook had already launched some satellites also doing same.

facebook satellite blown
Picture Taken At A Distance Away From The Location of The Explosion

Facebook intended to increase its internet provision capacity in Africa, Middle East and Europe, and for this reason planned to put another communication satellite in space. The satellite was scheduled to be flown to space this Saturday, 3rd of September 2016, but unfortunately, this will not be happening again, because the rocket which ought to take the satellite to earth orbit blown on Thursday during testing.

This incident happened at Launch Complex 40 which is owned by the American Air Force but rented out to SpaceX (a company popularly known for launch satellites into space).

With this occurrence, all continents that will benefit from this communication satellite, will have to wait till another launching time, which nobody knows for now. But while waiting for this time, you can continue enjoying the existing Facebook goodies like free basic on Airtel and Express WiFi on Coollink.

Photo Credit: CNN

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