Top 5 Reasons Every Office needs Desktop Computers, and Not Laptops

Reasons Desktop Computers are better than Laptops in an Office

Everybody loves to work on laptop computers. I think that is probably because laptop is smarter and handier than its desktop counterpart.  A new trend I noticed is that some offices now deploy laptops as their main workstation, but little did they know that they are making a bad decision that can ground their business and even lead to breach of company’s privacy.

In as much as laptops have a lot of known advantages over desktops, it is worth knowing that they are not always ideal in conventional office settings and here are the reasons you should invest in equipping your office with desktop computers, instead of laptops.

Reasons Desktop Computers are better than Laptops in an Office

Reasons Desktop Computers are better than Laptops in an Office

Theft: Burglars can burgle an office and carting away valuable properties including computers. I once heard of an unfortunate incident whereby burglars entered an office through the roof of the office complex and went away with over 30 pieces of a company’s laptop computers. Imagine if the burglars were to steal 30 pieces of desktop computers. How easy will that be?

Repair and Upgrade: Desktop computer can easily be repaired in the case of damage or upgraded if you want to improve its efficiency. Most faults on desktop computers can be fixed in your office without the repairer taking the system to his workshop, so you can be sure your privacy is not breached. In the case of laptops, replacing a peripheral component as simple as keyboard might require your computer to be out of office for weeks.

Price/Performance Ratio: Desktops are fantastically cheaper than laptops. A laptop computer with Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM is far more expensive than a desktop computer with the same specification. Desktops come with large vacuum space and a cooling system that makes it run more efficiently than a laptop which has its component jam-packed together. Aside this, most new model of laptop computers coming to Africa do not even have fan as part of their cooling system. They now come only with a funny weird heat sink.

Usage Convenience: Monitors of desktop are interestingly larger than screens of most laptops. Therefore, interaction with display on monitor is more conducive, especially for tasks that involve a lot of zooming and panning of an area on the screen. Desktop keyboard and mouse are another peripherals that will make your live easier than the flat track-pad on your laptop.

Health: If you work with a laptop and put it on a desk, after sometimes, you will knowingly or unknowingly put it on your lap; after all, the computer was designed to be placed on your lap top. Research shows that prolong exposure of our laps to the heat coming from the base of a laptop can cause skin burn, cancer and low sperm count. Hence, if you are a man and you care about the continuity of your family lineage, ask your boss for a desktop computer.

It is also worth stating that reasons above do not mean you should not use laptop at all in your office; you may want to use laptop as complement to the desktop computer provided for some of your employees. Laptop can be provided for senior employees that go on regular business trip or those that work from home after office hours.

However, if you prefer best fit and efficiency over smartness and portability, installing desktop computers instead of laptops should be the best choice for your office.


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  1. I agree with these but if your Laptop is getting hot enough to burn your lap, then you probably picked the wrong Laptop anyway haha.

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