New Patent Reveals PlayStation 5 Controller May Have Touchscreens

DualShock4 controller

The PlayStation 4 is already in its final phase and it’s only a matter of time before the next generation Console is announced, the PS5. There have been several news and leaks already with some suggesting a backward compatibility in other to battle the Xbox. A new patent has surfaced suggesting the PlayStation 5 controller may come with a touchscreen.

Over the years, Sony’s DualShock controller has maintained a constant design with minor tweaks, the DualShock 3 ushered in wireless controllers and the DualShock 4 coming with a trackpad. Discovered on Reddit the patent suggests, the PlayStation 5 controller will come with a touch screen where the trackpad is. It reads:

playstation 5 controller leak

A controller for interfacing wirelessly with a computing device is provided, including the following: a housing defined by a main body, a first extension extending from a first end of the main body, and a second extension extending from a second end of the main body, the first extension and the second extension for holding by a first hand and a second hand of a user, respectively; a touchscreen defined along the top surface of the main body between the first extension and the second extension; a first set of buttons disposed on the top surface of the main body proximate to the first extension and on a first side of the touchscreen; and a second set of buttons disposed on the top surface of the main body proximate to the second extension and on a second side of the touchscreen.”

It should be noted; the filed patent is not an official confirmation and this does not mean it is the final product. It is common practice for companies to “cover their bases” by filing ideas in terms of a patent before the final product is unveiled.

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