New Twitter Accounts Must Wait 90 Days to Subscribe to Blue

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After suspending the wide rollout of Blue, Twitter has now updated the FAQ page for the service to state that newly created accounts will not be able to subscribe to the service for 90 days when it is available again. In a tweet, Musk said that Blue would relaunch on November 29th.

Twitter suspended Blue after troll accounts were paying $8 to get verified under the terms of the revamped Blue service. Musk said changing the name of a verified account when Blue is relaunched will result in a loss of the checkmark until the name is verified by Twitter to meet its terms of service. Not only will new accounts have to wait for 90 days to get verified, but the updated Blue FAQ page also states that “we may also impose waiting periods for new accounts in the future in our discretion without notice.”

Twitter is under increased pressure to get the relaunch of Blue right and keep out trolls after multiple troll accounts were verified, only to be impersonating brands at the first launch. US Senator Ed Markey was involved in a spat with Musk last Sunday telling the Twitter owner, “Fix your companies. Or Congress will.”

Twitter is also dealing with a mass resignation after employees declined to agree to Musk’s “hardcore” work environment for Twitter 2.0. On Sunday, Bloomberg reported that Musk testified at a Delaware court that his reorganization of the company is almost done, and he will be spending less time on Twitter by the end of next week.

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