Twitter Working on a Feature that Will Let Organizations Authenticate Related Accounts

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After the disastrous rollout of Twitter Blue, Twitter is working on a feature that will let organizations identify accounts that are “actually associated” with them, Elon Musk announced on Sunday. The company seemed to have taken the option to sign up for Blue away temporarily after several verified accounts went on mass impersonation.

After launching Twitter Blue officially last week, Twitter began adding an “Official” label with a grey checkmark on some accounts so they can be identified as original after many verified troll accounts emerged because of the official launch of the revamped Blue to all users. Musk announced the grey checkmark was killed, but Twitter’s support account tweeted on Friday that the company was adding the “Official” label again to some accounts “to combat impersonation.”

Musk did not reveal much about how the new feature will let organizations verify accounts related to them but responded to a user who asked if any account will be able to create an organization or if Twitter will be the one to decide what an organization is. Musk replied – “Ultimately, I think there is no choice but for Twitter to be the final arbiter, but I’m open to suggestions.” Musk also said Twitter will let organizations manage affiliations themselves.

It remains to be seen how Twitter will implement the new feature and if it will help limit the number of verified fake/troll accounts. It has been tough for the social media company since Musk took over. Musk announced the company could go bankrupt if it doesn’t start making more money soon, while companies continue to suspend running ads on the platform.

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