Best 12 MMORPGs for iPhone and iPad in 2020

best mmorpgs for iphone

MMORPGs provide game lovers with a riveting and immersive experience; let’s look at the best 12 MMORPGs for iPhone and iPad.

MMORPG is an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. It is a rather long description, which simply relates to Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, containing elements that let players assume the role of a specific character and also assume responsibility for that individual’s actions inside a large, open virtual environment.

Lots of various kinds of games come with some form of a role-playing element; however, the main trait that makes MMORPGs distinct is the huge size and the way they let a large number of players worldwide to interact, collaborate as well as compete against each other right in the same worlds.

Thus, some of the biggest brands in the MMORPG gaming ecosystem boast millions of subscribers that immerse themselves in these games on a regular basis. If you are one of this huge number of subscribers, below, we present you with the best 12 MMORPGs for iPhone and iPad at the moment.

Top 12 MMORPG/RPG Games for iOS

Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans, which sports catchy graphics and electrifying gameplay, is a masterpiece. It is designed based on three key aspects. These include building up a vast army, destroying your enemies, and capturing territories to empower your kingdom.

The gaming app charges you to equip yourself as well as your army with robust gear and then lead them into unforgettable PvP battles. You are also required to have control over thousands of troops in the real-time battle.

The software, which is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, encourages you to join hands with others for strengthening your power and ruling the whole world. One of the best mmorpgs for iPhone.

Download Dawn of Titans for iOS from the App Store

Toram Online

Toram is another fascinating MMORPG, which a remarkable array of fascinating features. One of these is the gorgeous 3D world in the title that you’d love exploring tirelessly.

The game has the story, where you’re up against loads of monsters, which would never give you space to breathe easily. You’d have to surmount unexpected hurdles while enjoying different thrilling adventures.

Apart from these, Toram Online lets you design your own character with the aid of tons of attractive dress patterns available in it. It also allows you to make your avatar with various skill systems and works well with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Download Toram Online for iOS from the App Store

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Playing this game creates the picture, in your mind, of a situation where apocalypse appears to be almost inevitable, and you are left with no other option but to battle to survive. It is a thrilling game, which is loaded with actions where, as a zombie shooter, you’ve to fight for survival.

You are required to craft lethal weapons as well as enhance your skills. Because you are only given limited time to plan your strategy, you must put up your best performance to outsmart your adversaries.

In the Last Day on Earth: Survival app, you can either fight alone or form a team with other players for accomplishing the mission survival. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival for iOS from the App Store

Order & Chaos Online

If World of Warcraft is one of your favourite games, Order & Chaos would most likely win your heart as well. It lets you explore the fantasy world and flaunt your skills and fighting prowess in extremely competitive multiplayer online battle. Order & Chaos also enables you to utilize the advanced character creation system to personalize your hero fully.

You can create as many as five characters to play this game, and there are five challenging races, like Elves & Humans fight for Order, Orcs & Undead for Chaos, in addition to the Mendels. Order & Chaos also works smoothly on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Download Order & Chaos for iOS from the App Store

Crusaders of Light

If you love to play the role of saviours, you will instantly like Crusaders of Light. Here, you can form a team with your friends & other players from any part of the world with the sole objectives of eliminating the demons and preventing them from gaining a foothold in your land.

You would so much enjoy arena Battle with 1v1, 3v3 as well as 5v5 modes. Crusaders of Light charges you to push yourself harder and use every opportunity that is coming your way judiciously to accomplish your mission.

The game features many customization options that you can use if you want to make yourself stand out of the pack. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Download Crusaders of Light for iOS from the App Store

Goddess: Primal Chaos

With Goddess: Primal Chaos, you have an opportunity to relish going on epic battles. It enables you to select from multiple heroes, including summoner, bloodline, or warrior.

The game charges you to judiciously use precious blades & rings for upgrading your superheroes. You are also required to use unique mounts, weapons, swords, gears as well as furious wings for equipping your warrior and staying ahead in the battle.

To achieve your goal, you need to forge an alliance with other players. Goddess: Primal Chaos works seamlessly on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and is free to download.

Download Goddess: Primal Chaos for iOS from the App Store

3D MMO Celtic Heroes

This gaming app will impress you with its stunning graphics. It is set in an enthralling Celtic fantasy world, offering you a fantastic experience of Warcraft as well as adventure.

There are five customizable character classes you can play, such as warrior, druid, mage, rogue, and ranger. By playing this game, you earn several weapons & armour — items you can trade with players from any part of the world.

It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It offers you loads of challenging quests to complete. One of the best mmorpgs for iPhone.

Download 3D MMO Celtic Heroes for iOS from the App Store

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is yet another great game that deserves a place in this compilation of the best 12 MMORPGs for iPhone and iPad in 2020. The gaming app is a classic MMORPG, which is set in a fantasy world where you may choose to be a hulking warrior, a rogue, or a sorcerer.

Arcane Legends is an intensely action-oriented game that puts huge emphasis on PvPs. It allows you to unlock different capabilities for your character as you strive to level up through the battles you pick. Arcane Legends — which is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad — enables you to select from three classes with multiple skills.

It tasks you to capture a lot of gold & thousands of precious items and also personalize your mansion to make it look incredible. One of the best mmorpgs for iPhone.

Download Arcane Legends for iOS from the App Store

Dark Legends

Dark Legends deserves a look in from you if you seek to explore a black, dark world, to unlock unique vampire powers, kill zombies, and engage in all other things, which MMO players do.

The game has a story, where vampires are on the verge of becoming extinction, and only you can restore their pride. You are, however, have to face powerful human supremacists, who receive backing from evil supernatural creatures and must fight astutely to defeat these foes.

Like all the other MMORPGs reviewed above, Dark Legends also supports iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and is free to download.

Download Dark Legends for iOS from the App Store

Iruna Online

This gaming app is a Japanese MMORPG, which comes with all you would love to embark on a fantastic adventure. Iruna Online is based upon a fictional Japanese fantasy world, which is known as Iruna.

You are charged with fighting for your country with groups, such as Hume, Elf, Cule, among others. To be victorious, you have to use powerful tactics and lethal weapons. This will enable you to decimate monsters. One of the best mmorpgs for iPhone.

Download Iruna Online for iOS from the App Store

Armed Heroes (Black Gate: Inferno)

Armed Heroes will appeal to you if you fancy a game that involves terrifying demons & monsters. The MMORPG comes with more elements, more than you would.

It lets you create as many as six different characters to play. You can decide to be a warrior, wizard, necromancer, archer, knight or assassin. To get started, pick your favourite battle mode and begin a real-time online battle.

It is free to download and works smoothly with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Download Armed Heroes for iOS from the App Store


Ingress is ideal for gamers that enjoy playing mysterious games. It involves a team of scientists in Europe, who has discovered mysterious energy. While little is known about the origin and purpose of the force, some people feel it is influencing people’s thought.

To play Ingress, you have to move through the real world with the goal of finding out the sources of the mysterious energy.

Download Ingress for iOS from the App Store

Wrapping up, reviewed above are the best 12 MMORPGs for iPhone and iPad. You can choose any one of them to enjoy a fun-filled and immersive gaming experience.


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